IMPACT WRENCH 1/2″ COMPOSITE MINI (บล็อคลม 1/2″ รุ่นมินิ)

Code: ROD-RC2267

IMPACT WRENCH 1/2″ COMPOSITE MINI (บล็อคลม 1/2″ รุ่นมินิ)

Ergonomic and light tool with very good weight balance
Non-slip and shock absorbing handle
High performance for fast removal with low consumption of compressed air
Compact design for confined areas
Durable DUOPACT impact mechanism

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IMPACT WRENCH 1/2″ COMPOSITE MINI (บล็อคลม 1/2″ รุ่นมินิ)

Mini impact wrench, excellent power-weight ratio
Very handy 1/2″ MINI – impact wrench
DUOPACT impact mechanism
High quality and lightweight composite motor housing
Well balanced weight
Cold insulating rubber fields on the handle for perfect grip
Robust F/R shift with 3 position regulator in forward
Full power in reverse – 660 Nm max,
A silencing exhaust hose can be attached

Manufacturer Rodcraft
Sound Power 104 db(A)
Socket retainer ring
Net weight 114
Clutch type DUOPACT
European Standards EN ISO 11148-6:2013
Sound pressure 93 db(A)
SKU 8951000044
Model RC2267
Square drive 1/2 “
Working Torque Range (reverse) – 480 Nm
Width 60 mm
Average air consumption 180 l/mn
Actual air consumption 510 l/mn
Air inlet thread size 1/4 “
Min. hose size 8 mm
Free speed rpm 10200
Power/weight ratio Nm/kg 717
Tool category TopImpact
Length mm 164
EAN 4030178202384
Max. loosening torque 1150 Nm
Maximum Torque (reverse) Nm 660
Vibration α (ISO-28927-2) 6.9 m/s²
Vibration K (ISO-28927-2) 2 m/s²

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