3-flute roughing end mill HSS-PM 6 mm GARANT


Version: With relief ground knuckle profile. Centre cutting edge geometry for plunging. For profile milling or plunging. • Wide, precision ground chip flutes. • Special rake angle for aluminium and non-ferrous metals. Special roughing profile for reliable chip evacuation. Advantage: Suitable for high metal removal rates due to wide chip space. Application: Suitable for: • 220 m/min cutting speed (vc) in aluminium up to 350 N/mm2, long chipping aluminium, thermoplastics and thermoset resins, magnesium alloys, soft copper. • 138 m/min cutting speed (vc) in aluminium cast alloys < 10% Si up to 600 N/mm2, short chipping aluminium, low alloy copper up to 400 N/mm2. • 83 m/min cutting speed (vc) in general structural steels up to 500 N/mm2. • Applicable with emulsion with at least 4 % grease content (for tapping at least 8 %). • Applicable for dry machining