Holesaw, 17mm x 28.5mm, Bi-metal

Code: KEN0505170K

Featuring a very aggressive cutting action and M3 HSS cutting teeth to give a very smooth finish. Variable pitch: 4 to 6 teeth per inch Max. cutting depth:28.5mm Suitable for engineering, construction and maintenance For producing high quality holes in wood, steel, brass, bronze, cast iron, aluminium and plastic

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The Kennedy? variable pitch hole saws deliver high quality holes in a range of materials, including wood, steel, brass, bronze, and cast iron. The M3 HSS cutting teeth aggressively cut to give a very smooth finish with little to no tear out. | | Features and Benefits | • Cuts up to 40% faster than constant pitch saws | • Varying tooth pitch disrupts harmonics to substantially reduce noise | • Tooth life is extended when used in conjuction with a cordless drill | | Typical Applications | • Construction | • Engineering | • Maintenance | | Notes | • 4-6 teeth per inch | • 28.5mm (11/8″) cutting depth

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