Series 60, Short Slot Drill, 7mm, 2fl, Plain Round Shank, Carbide, Q-Coat

Code: SWT1656007A

Short series Centre cutting Excellent oxidisation resistance Surface hardness 3300HV Thickness of coating 305um Maximum working temperature 850C Cutting diameter to h10 Shank diameter to h6 Dimensions to DIN 844

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Series 60 Short Series Dimensions to DIN 844 | Centre cutting. | To Manufacturers Standards. | Cutting diameter to h10. Shank diameter to h6. | SDQ-2PS Carbide Q-Coat. | | ‘Q-Coat’ Coating has been specifically developed to give carbide cutters the ‘edge’ when faced with severe machining conditions. Materials up to 66 HRC. Dry cutting. Die and Mould machining. Reduced coolant usage and disposal. Up to 100% longer cutter life. Reduced manufacturing costs. A multi-layer coating capable of operating at higher speed and feed. Excellent oxidisation resistance. High speed machining. Surface hardness 3300HV. Surface coefficient against steel 0.25. Thickness of coating 305um. Maximum working temperature 850. Re-coating service also available. |

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