Tap Set, 1in. x 11, BSPF, High Speed Steel, Bright, Set of 3

Code: SHR0852080D

Class 2 thread forms / medium fit tolerance Precision ground flutes Bright finish Tap dimensions to ISO529Includes:1 each, taper, second and plug lead

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IS0 529 – Straight Flute – Sets of Three. | 1 each, taper, second and plug lead. | Thread Forms are Class 2 medium fit tolerance. | | Sherwood HSS Taps are the general purpose option for thread cutting in most materials including steel, some stainless steels, cast irons and non-ferrous materials such as Aluminium, Brass and many others. | | Manufactured with precision ground flutes for producing accurate thread forms, Sherwood Taps are available in all the popular thread forms and as straight Flute `Hand` Taps in 3 leads, Fluteless, Spiral Flute, or Spiral Point Machine Taps and also Long Series. | | Sherwood Tap dimensions conform to ISO529 apart from NPT Forms which conform to ANSI 94.9. Straight Flute and Fluteless Taps are manufactured with a standard Bright Finish whereas the Machine Taps have an Oxidised Finish for best results, dissipating the heat build-up associated with these applications.

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