25.00mm HSS-Co 8% 3 Flute Weldon Shank Slot Drills – Uncoated

Code: SWT1630625A

Regular series Centre cutting Cutting diameter to e8 Shank diameter to h6 Dimensions to DIN 844 Weldon shank to DIN 1835B

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SDH-3WR HSS-Co 8% | Series 06 – Regular Series | Dimensions to DIN 844 Centre cutting. Weldon shank to DIN 1835B. Cutting diameter to e8. Shank diameter to h6. | | Uncoated (for general production machining) | TiCN Coated (extends cutter life and improves work material surface finish) and TiALN Coated (dissipates and resists heat, reduces surface friction coupled with high surface hardness).

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